Administrative Permits

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Farming - Homestead Permit

Animals, not including domestic dogs and cats, are permitted in the city with certain restrictions depending on lot size and animal type.  The keeping of rabbits, chicken or fowl or other animals of similar sized and characteristics may be approved administratively if certain standards are met. These standards can be found in of the Zoning Ordinance.

Farming - Homestead Permit Application


Home Occupation/In-Home Daycare Permit

Where home occupations are permitted as an accessory use to a residence, a permit is required.  

Home Occupation/In-Home Daycare Permit Application 


Temporary Use Permit

Temporary uses are short-term in nature including but not limited season sales, special events, mobile food venting, and general merchandise sales.   

Temporary Use Permit Application  


Fireworks Stand Permit

Firework Stand Permits are specific Temporary Use Permits for the sale of fireworks from June 28-July 4.

Fireworks Stand Temporary Use Permit Application