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We are thrilled that you have chosen to make Gardner your home. You’ve joined a community of nearly 21,000 residents who enjoy the small-town values of Gardner, but are looking forward to the future growth and development awaiting the city. We’ve made available some resources that may be helpful to you whether you just moved to the City or are a long-time resident. Don’t hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can assist you with.

Gardner City Hall
120 E. Main St.
Gardner, KS 66030

Waggoner, CodyPatrol CorporalPolice913.856.7312 ext. 3712
Roberts, ZachOfficerPolice913.856.7312 ext. 3713
Mohney, JustinPatrol CorporalPolice913.856.7312 ext. 3714
Taylor, AdamOfficerPolice913.856.7312 ext. 3717
O'Lucci, JoeDetectivePolice913.856.7312 ext. 3718
Stillman, RyanOfficerPolice913.856.7312 ext. 3719
Anderson, JamesOfficerPolice913.856.7312 ext. 3721
Wright, NickOfficerPolice913.856.7312 ext. 3722
Weathers, JustinOfficerPolice913.856.7312 ext. 3723
Stimatze, JohnOfficerPolice913.856.7312 ext. 3727
Curry, KevinOfficerPolice913.856.7312 ext. 3729
Drinkard, EricaOfficerPolice913.856.7312 ext. 3730
Marshall, JakeOfficerPolice913.856.7312 ext. 3731
Conrad, GunnarOfficerPolice913.856.7312 ext. 3731
Hofer, ScottOfficerPolice913.856.7312 ext. 3732
McLain, CameronOfficerPolice913.856.7312 ext. 3734
Breneman, JeffreyOfficerPolice913.856.7312 ext. 3735
Davidson, KateOfficerPolice913.856.7312 ext. 3751
Tritt, Christopher OfficerPolice913.856.7312 ext. 3754
Deer, BrianOfficerPolice913.856.7312 ext. 3757
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