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The City of Gardner provides water, sewer, and electric services for most residents and businesses in Gardner. To obtain assistance with billing, hook-ups, disconnections or other utility questions, contact Customer Service at 913.856.7535.

Billing Cycles - Mail Dates

Depending on where you live in town, your utility bill will be mailed on either the 7th, 17th, & 27th of each month for the previous month’s service.

Payment of Bills

All payments for utility services are due within twenty days of the billing date. The bill must be paid in full by this date to avoid a 10% penalty. Failure to make payment within 7 days of this date will result in discontinued service. Utility bills are payable online, by automated phone payment system, by mail, in drop box or in person at City Hall. Payments made by mail or drop box need to be check or money order.  All other payment methods can be cash, money order, check, debit card or credit card.

Drop boxes for utility payments are located at the following locations:

  • Gardner Municipal Airport - 31905 West 175th Street (located by the Office)
  • Conestoga Mobile Home Park - 1199 East Santa Fe (near Clubhouse)
  • Consentino's Price Chopper - 830 E. Main Street (inside by Customer Service desk)
  • Central Bank of the Midwest - 109 E. Main Street (located next to ATM)
  • City Hall - 120 E. Main Street (located on the east side of the building)

New Residents and Transfers

New residents are required to complete a service request, pay a service fee and a utility deposit to establish utility service. The service fee is a connection charge of $10.00 per service or $15.00 for both water and electric. Transfer customers will also be subject to the same connection fee. The utility deposit for a residential utility customer is $25.00 for water service and $75.00 for electric service.

Temporary Disconnections

Customers requesting that service be temporarily disconnected will be charged a disconnect fee of $10.00 per service or $15.00 for both services. Payment of a regular connection fee will also be required when service is reconnected.

Refunding of Deposits

Customers who have paid their utility bills for a period of one year and have not had a delinquent utility bill can be eligible for the return of the deposit as a credit on their next applicable utility bill.