Future Planned Development and Improvements

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Quail Meadows Neighborhood Park Development

The Gardner Parks and Recreation Department is currently working on design plans for Quail Meadows Neighborhood Park.  The 10.5 acres is nestled within the Quail Meadows subdivision located off 167th Street and west of Waverly Road.  Park features will include amenities such as a picnic shelter, playground equipment, trails, and landscaping.  The park is also adjacent to Kill Creek, providing an opportunity to connect to the future Kill Creek Greenway Trail.

Click here to view the Quail Meadows Neighborhood Park Concept Plan.


Kill Creek Trail Master Plan

As a part of the Park Master Plan, Gardner Parks and Recreation developed a master plan for a greenway system along the west fork of Kill Creek.  The plan identifies property needed along the creek to develop a trail system from 151st Street south to 175th Street.  It indicates potential locations for trails as well as possible neighborhood park locations that could tie into the greenway system.  

Recently Gardner Parks and Recreation requested that the Johnson County Park & Recreation District adopt the plan into the Districts Master Action Plan.  The Board approved the request qualifying the City of Gardner for District funding for trail development.

It is anticipated that the Johnson County Park District will provide over $90,000 to Gardner Parks and Recreation to go towards developing the first section of greenway trail along Kill Creek which will tie into Quail Meadows Park.

Click here to view the Kill Creek Trail Master Plan.