Photos of Current Police Station

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Below you will see a few photos that illustrate the current building conditions of the Gardner Police Department.


Deteriorating Infrastructure (interior)

PD Ceiling 2PD Wall Crack 2

Exposed and Outdated Wiring

PD Exposed Wires 1PD Ceiling 3

Ripped/Punctured and Leaking Ceilings

PD Ripped CeilingPD Ceiling Hole

Inadequate Space

PD Cell

PD Call Room

Worn Flooring and Asbestos Issues

PD Carpet 1PD Drain Pipes

Makeshift Repairs

PD locker roomPD Mold Issue

***The picture on the right, issue caused by foundation movement


Cracked Foundation

PD Cracked ExteriorPD Failing Foundation

Deteriorating Infrastructure (exterior)

PD Deteriorating Window

Dry Rot and Wall Separation

PD window