Business Security

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The Gardner Police Department can assist any business with several security issues. The Police Department will provide money escorts to banks, escort employees to their vehicles and provide business security safety talks. The business that is requesting assistance from the Police Department can call 856-7312 to have an officer respond to assist with escorts, but if a safety talk is requested , please call the Police Department between the hours of 8:00AM and 5:00PM Monday through Friday with at least a one week notice prior to the safety talk being scheduled. The Police Department has provided safety talks to several of the financial institutions regarding Robbery Prevention.

The Police Department will also conduct a security watch on any business when requested. Foot patrols are conducted daily on businesses in the downtown area and also to other businesses when requested. Foot patrols consist of walking around the perimeter of a business to check for anything suspicious and also checking to make sure doors and windows are secure.

Should any business request additional patrols, security safety talks or escorts please call the Gardner Police Department at 856-7312 with your request or questions.