Requesting Police Reports

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Obtaining Copies of Police Reports 
Anyone can obtain a copy of a police report that has been filed with the Gardner Police Department. If the report is a general information report, all information can be obtained. If the report is a Kansas State Offense report, only the front sheet(s) will be available to the public.

Arrest Reports 
Criminal Arrest Reports fall under dissemination guidelines set by the State of Kansas. For information on report availability, please contact the Records Department.

Vehicle Accident Reports 
The public can obtain a copy of a vehicle accident report, but your insurance company should be contacted first to see if the insurance company has already requested a copy of the accident report.

Effective February 28, 2018 Vehicle Accident Reports may be obtained by coming to the station or by following the link below.


Fees and Availability of Gardner Police Department Reports 

 DUI Report $15.00 
 Offense Report  $10.00
 Animal Control Report  $4.00
 Accident Report  $4.00
 General Information Report  $4.00
 All Digital Media Requests  $10.00

Reports may be requested and when complete picked up Monday through Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm at the Records Division of the Police Department. Call the Police Department at (913) 856-7312 in advance and ask to speak with the Records Department to request a copy of a police report. No reports that are confidential in nature will be released to the public. Processing of police reports can take up to 5 business days from the date of the incident and will then be available for the public to obtain.