Youth Academy

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The primary objective of the Youth Academy is to educate and inform youth participants about the many aspects of police work. The academy is designed to give the participants exposure to various police situations, and to explain how and why officers respond to and handle different situations. This will be accomplished through both classroom instruction and practical exercises that will allow them to assume the role of an officer and be evaluated on how they handle different situations.

The academy will give the participants the opportunity to see the benefits of public service and learn about challenges and demands associated with Law Enforcement as a profession.  Participants will learn about special units and what their responsibilities are, and how they work together with the patrol officers.

We believe the academy will be an enjoyable introduction to policing and its vital role within our community. Our participants will gain a better understanding of law enforcement and the incredible risks and responsibility our officers accept in keeping all citizens safe.

The ultimate goal of the Youth Leadership Academy is to improve the relationships between law enforcement and youth, while exposing them to a possible future career in law enforcement.

GPD 2016 Youth Academy Application