Snow and Ice Removal

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How can I report an icy/snowy street?

With the exception of emergency requests from police dispatchers, individual requests for snow removal will not be taken until major operations have been completed. 

You can report the location of an icy/snowy street by submitting an online service request or by calling 913.856.0914.

How can I report an icy/unshoveled sidewalk?

You can report the address of unshoveled or icy sidewalks by submitting an online service request or calling the snow hotline at 913-856-0952. All reports will be inspected by the Code Enforcement Officer or Public Safety staff.

What if I am not able to remove my snow?
If you are elderly or disabled, and need assistance to clear your public sidewalks during snow events, see the list below of volunteer service organizations that may be able to help. 

  • Grace Baptist Church, Pastor Joey Lang, 913.940.1155

  • New Life Community Church, Allen Pheiffer or Cory Adams, 913.207.3003

Standard Snow Removal Schedule & Policy

If ice or only light snow occurs (less than 2"), and plowing is not required, city trucks will spot-treat with materials only.

Priority 1:  Thoroughfares& Arterial roads: Plowed by single-axle dump trucks continuously during snowfall.

Priority 2:  Collector & Main-line Residential roads: Plowed by single-axle dump trucks continuously during snowfall.

Priority 3:  Local Residential Streets: Plowed after Priority 2 is completed and after snowfall has ended.

Priority 4:  Cul-de-sacs: Plowed after snowfall and after Priority 2 and Priority 3 streets are cleared. 

Interactive Snow Route Map


Additional Snow Removal Policy:

  • Private streets are maintained by applicable property owners.
  • The City of Gardner does not plow sidewalks or driveways unless part of city-owned property.
  • Driveways may be blocked during snow removal operations; we attempt to minimize this as much as possible. However, property owners are responsible for clearing their driveways. Residents can minimize this by shoveling snow to the right of their driveway opening.
  • Residents are reminded to remove parked vehicles from the roadway. Snow removal is more thoroughly accomplished if vehicles and other equipment are removed from the road. Vehicles on roadways may be towed if they impede normal snow removal operations.
  • Residents are also reminded to remove portable basketball goals from the roadside during inclement weather.
  • City equipment will not be used to conduct privately-owned vehicle recovery operations.
  • City does not have designated emergency snow routes.
  • Medical emergencies are referred to 911 for validation.

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