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It's Orange Barrel Season! How will road construction projects affect your drive? The City of Gardner has provided information regarding local projects and projects that could affect your drive throughout the Kansas City Metro area.

  • Santa Fe, Waverly to Poplar

    The area around the Santa Fe and Waverly intersection has experienced flooding numerous times in recent years. This project will provide significant improvements to the drainage in and around the intersection. In addition, Santa Fe will be widened to three lanes and will include a trail on the north side, a sidewalk on the south side, curb and gutter, and street lighting. The Waverly intersection will be built out to include left turn lanes and a right turn lane for westbound traffic. A traffic signal is not warranted at this time.  The project is scheduled to begin in early 2019 and will be completed by fall 2019. For more information, contact City Engineer Tim McEldowney at or 913.856.0959.
  • Waverly, US-56 to Madison

    This project will widen Waverly Road to 3 lanes. The project limits are from just south of Santa Fe to just north of Madison and will include the build-out of the intersection at Madison. The primary aspects of the project include a trail on the east side of Waverly, a sidewalk on the west side, curb and gutter, and street lighting.  The project is tentatively scheduled to begin in 2019. For more information, contact City Engineer Tim McEldowney at or 913.856.0959.

  • Cedar Niles and US-56 intersection

    In conjunction with the Hampton Inn development to the south, the City is in the process of improving traffic flow at this intersection. The primary improvements will be on the south leg of the intersection. Today there is a single thru/left-turn lane and two right-turn lanes. The proposed configuration will provide two dedicated left-turn lanes, one thru-lane, and two dedicated right-turn lanes. The traffic signals will also be modified to accommodate the new lane configurations.  The project is planned to begin in Feburary/March 2019. For more information, contact City Engineer Tim McEldowney at or 913.856.0959.

  • 2019 Pavement Management Program

    Construction for year four of the City’s 10-year Pavement Management Program should begin in early July of this year.  Concrete items such as curb replacement, sidewalk ramp replacement and street crack repairs will lead off the project.  This will be followed by chip seal installation for all of the streets in this year’s program.  The chip sealed streets will then be swept twice within 2 weeks of installation.  Approximately 2-3 weeks later the streets will be swept again and then fog seal will be applied to all of the streets.  This project should be complete by mid-October of this year.  Residents living along the streets receiving treatment will be given a 24-hour notice via door hanger, requesting vehicles to be moved.  For more information, contact Mark Pottinger at or 913.856.0918

There are multiple road construction projects taking place in the greater Kansas City Metro area. For more information, please visit: