Renewable Parallel Generation Interconnection Standards

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The purpose of  this document is to establish standards for eligible residential and commercial customers to interconnect and operate Customer-owned inverter-based solar and wind Generation Facilities with rated outputs of 25 kilowatts AC (kWac) or less for residential service and 200 kilowatts AC (kWac) or less for commercial service parallel with the City of Gardner Electric Distribution System.

The Customer shall request interconnection of a Generation Facility by completing and submitting to the Utility Department the attached document entitled "Interconnection Application."

The processing fee is $200.00 which shall be collected as follows:
   1.  A non-refundable processing fee of $50.00 must accompany this Application.
   2.  The remainder of the fee, $150.00 shall be collected prior to the setting of a new meter and the issuance of a
        Certificate of Completion by the City of Gardner.

The Utility may require additional information or clarification to evaluate the Customer Interconnection Request.  Interconnection Applications will be reviewed by the Utility in the order in which they are received.  If an Interconnection Application is viewed as incomplete, the Utility will provide notice to the Customer that the Application is not complete, provide a description of the information needed to complete the Application, and include a statement that processing of the Application cannot begin until the Application is complete. 

Renewable Energy Parallel Generation Interconnection Application