The Utilities Department includes three divisions (Electric, Water and Wastewater) and is responsible for the operations and maintenance of all infrastructures. Gardner is one of only a few municipalities that operates one or more of these utilities. Because of this, the response to incidents involving any of the utilities is local and, therefore, caters to the needs of its customers. Gardner’s water, wastewater, and electric divisions provide the residents and businesses of Gardner with superior, convenient local customer service and knowledgeable, professional and courteous staff to assist citizens, and local control of issues which directly affect quality of life.

Key services provided:

The Distribution Division is responsible for the construction, operation, maintenance and repair of the City’s overhead and underground electric distribution system including line clearance and meter testing.

The Water Division is committed to operating and maintaining ‘in-compliance’, efficient, effective and economical water production, distribution, and laboratory facilities that provide our customers and the general public a supply of safe, good-tasting drinking water that also meets the City’s fire storage supply needs

The Wastewater Division is committed to providing treatment of the wastewater that meets or exceeds all wastewater treatment standards set by industry, the federal government and the State of Kansas, in the most cost effective manner possible.

  •  Line Maintenance

The Line Maintenance Division is responsible for maintenance of the wastewater collection and water distribution lines to ensure reliable service to our customers.