Water Distribution

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The Line Maintenance staff is responsible for water main installations, new service installations, general repairs and maintenance, inspections, valve and hydrant maintenance, meter repair and inventory control.

Water Leaks

If you notice water coming from under the street pavement, leaking from a fire hydrant, or collecting around a water meter, there could be a leak from a water main or service line.  To report a suspected problem, call the Utilities Department at 913-856-0980, Monday - Friday, from 8 AM to 4 PM.   During non-business hours, call the After Hours service at 913-856-6802.

To repair main breaks, the City crews will shut down the water system in the area of the break.  Water systems are under pressure, and can not be repaired while water is running through them.  Normally, the repairs are made within a few hours, but complicated repairs can take several hours before the system returns to normal.  City crews flush the water lines after repairs are completed; if the water is discolored immediately after a water main repair, don't be alarmed because main breaks often stir the mineral deposits that coat water lines.  Simply allow the water to run for a few minutes, and it should clear.

If your water bill is unusually high, there may be leaking faucets or toilets, or possibly  the water meter.  You can call 913-856-7535 to request a test to determine if your meter is leaking.  Line Maintenance staff are responsible for maintaining the water line to the home or business meter, and the meter itself. 

The property owner is responsible for maintaining the service line from the meter to the building and the plumbing within the building.  If the leak is determined to be either in the service line or within the building, it is the property owner's responsibility to arrange to have the problem repaired.

Water Pressure

Symptoms of abnormally low water pressure in the home or business include:
  • Low flow at all water fixtures
  • Sprinkler systems that do not provide full coverage
Low water pressure within the home or business can be due to many causes including:
  • Partially shut valves
  • Mineral deposits clogging older pipes
  • Malfunctioning water softener
  • Leaks within the home or the service line
  • Low system pressure
If there is low pressure in the building, the first step is to ensure that the main water valve into the building is completely open.  If the valve is completely open, the problem may be a leak or mineral deposits clogging the lines in the building, or low system pressure.  The property owner may request  a low pressure check by City staff by calling 913-856-7535.  Usually, a crew will be able to perform a check within 48-72 hours of the request.  The crew will check the pressure at the meter and on any faucets on the outside of the home or business.  If the pressure is determined to meet City standards (50 PSI), the property owner will be notified so that they can check within the building.  If the problem is not due to low pressure within the City system, a plumber should be contacted by the property owner to investigate and repair.