Animal Control

 2015 Pet Registration for Dogs & Cats                                                                     
Pet licenses are required for EVERY dog and cat in the City Limits of Gardner. Please bring your proof of rabies vaccinations to the Gardner Police Department between the hours of 8:00AM and 5:00PM Monday through Friday or licenses can also be obtained through the mail. Each spay/neutered animal license is $7.00 and intact animals are $14.00 per license. Only cash or checks are accepted. Durable tags will be issued for each pet and should be worn on a durable collar so that easy identification can bring your pet home should they get away.

Animal Control Service

The Police Department (PD) provides 24-hour animal control protection. The City employs one full-time Animal Control Officer (ACO) who responds to animal control calls for service and is available to answer questions regarding animal control problems.

Cold Weather Tips to Keep Pets Warm

When the seasons move from summer into fall and winter, people adjust their routines and plan for colder weather. At the same time, take a few minutes to prepare your pets for the changing seasons. Click HERE for a list of dos and don'ts to help you give your pets the cold-weather care they deserve. 

Have you Lost a Pet?

Our Lost Animals Page lists animals that have been picked up by the Gardner Animal Control Officer.

Barking Dog?

Barking is a natural behavior for dogs. However, when the barking becomes and annoyance for you or your neighbors, what do you do? Here are some tips on how to handle this issue

Animal Control Requirements

The Gardner ordinance requires all pets to be on a leash or within the owner’s total control when outside. If your pet does not always follow commands, that does not constitute being within the owner’s total control. If an animal is found to be running at large, the ACO can detain and/or lodge it as deemed necessary. The City of Gardner requires dogs and cats to be licensed. Licenses are available at the Police Department located at 440 E. Main. To learn more visit Pet Licensing.

Contacting the ACO - Phone: 913-856-7312 or for an emergency, phone 911

Hours: The ACO works Monday through Friday from 8:00AM-4:00PM. If the ACO is not available, a police officer will respond and assist you with animal control concerns. The ACO will then be notified to follow up with the animal control concern. If you are experiencing problems with an animal, such as barking or suspected neglect, call the Police Department at 913-856-7312.

Vicious Animals

If your animal has been reported as potentially vicious by a complaint received, the ACO will respond and initiate an investigation of the complaint. If it is the opinion of the ACO that the animal poses an immediate threat to the general public or other animals if not removed from the location where the animal is housed, the animal shall be impounded, at the owner's expense, at the approved Animal Control Facility until completion of the investigation. The Police Chief, or designee, after proper investigation, may declare an animal vicious and shall require a special permit with special conditions such as secure fencing to contain the animal, protection devices such as muzzles, or other conditions that would protect persons and animals. The cost of a Special Permit is $55.00 per year. All breeders are required to obtain a Breeders Permit. The Breeders Permit is $30.00 per year. The applications for Special Permits and Breeders Permits are available at the DPS.

Number of Allowed Animals

All persons residing in the City limits have an animal limit as to the number of animals that can be kept. The limit is 4 animals, to include canines (dogs) and felines (cats) or any combination of canines and felines over the age of six months.

Prohibited Animals

Prohibited animals include wild or exotic animals, any animal having poisonous bites, vicious animals, and farm animals. If you are having problems with a wild animal such as a raccoon or opossum, the ACO will attempt to assist you and, if needed, provide you with a telephone number to others agencies that assist with the removal of animals or pests. All attempts will be made to capture and return animals to the wild unless special circumstances require the animal to be kept or disposed of.

Animal Bites

All animal bites are required to be reported, even if the bite occurred with your own family pet. The animal will have to complete a 10 day quarantine period and a report will be submitted to the State for statistical purposes. The ACO will attempt to assist you with any type of animal problem or complaint that you may have or assist you in contacting the appropriate organization to address any animal complaint or problem that you are experiencing.

Animal Impoundment Fees

If your animal is impounded, the owner will have to pay a $25.00 impoundment fee on the first offense, $50.00 impoundment fee on the second offense and a $75.00 impoundment fee on the third and subsequent offense. The owner will also have to pay boarding fees of $25.00 per day, starting the first day of impoundment. All fees are payable at the Gardner Police Department located at 440 E. Main Street. Cash or checks are accepted for payment. No credit or debit cards can be accepted. All animals can be redeemed at the Gardner Police Department and picked up during Oakbrook Animal Hospital's regular business hours.

Click HERE to review the Animal Control Ordinance.

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