Gardner Lake Docks

All docks placed on Gardner Lake require an annual lease from the City. Dock Permits are valid from January 1 through December 31 of each year and are renewed by annually submitting the $25.00 permit fee to the City. Dock fees left unpaid after 30 days from the time of notice,  will be assesssed a penalty of $2.00 per month until payment is received. If the dock fee remains unpaid after 90 days, the City may tag and remove the dock from the lake and refuse to issue another dock permit (Ordinance No. 2400).

Permits are required to place a new dock into Gardner Lake. Only Dock Permit Applications from first tier homes will be considered. A permit to remodel an existing dock is also required. Some docks may also require that a building permit be obtained.

Once your permit has been approved, your assigned number must be prominently displayed on your dock, visible from the water. The City requires that owners maintain their docks so that they are safe and attractive to the area. If a lake property is sold or a dock removed, the property owner is responsible for notifying the City, or the billing notice for the annual dock inspection and license fee will continue to be sent to the owner of record in the City files.

For further information contact the Water/Wastewater Manager at 913-856-0914.

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