Snow Removal Program

Weather extremes and changes bring significant challenges to the Public Works employees who are responsible for making sure your streets are usable in the winter months. The City’s snow removal program is designed to utilize available resources effectively and economically. These resources include long labor hours and special equipment and chemicals, such as salt and calcium chloride. The snow and ice policy is intended to keep vehicular traffic moving as safely as possible with the existing weather conditions.

When a winter storm is forecast, the Public Works staff formulates a plan of action that takes into account the time of day, type of weather, temperature, wind, expected length of the storm, etc. Notifications and updates on any treatment or removal will posted on the City’s website at

If ice or a light snow occurs (less than 2”), and plowing is not required, city trucks will spot-treat with materials only. The City is divided into four (4) quadrants, with four (4) levels of snow treatment/removal:

Priority 1
Thoroughfare & Arterial Roads:  Plowed by single-axle dump trucks continuously during snowfall.
Priority 2
Collector & Main-line Residential Roads:  Plowed by single-axle dump trucks continuously during snowfall.
Priority 3
Local Residential Streets:  Plowed after Priority 2 is completed, beginning after snowfall ends.
Priority 4
Cul-de-sacs:  Plowed after snowfall and after Priority 2 and 3 streets are cleared.

The City reminds residents to remove parked vehicles from the roadway when snow is predicted. Snow removal is more thoroughly accomplished if vehicles and other equipment are removed from the curb.

For more information, please contact the Public Works Streets Division at (913) 856-0922 or visit

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